Preparedness Seminars & Workshops

Emergency Preparedness Seminars & Workshops

Iron Survival offers highly informative emergency preparedness seminars and instructive workshops.

From free seminars to hands-on training and workshops on a wide range of topics, Iron Survival provides a wealth of life-saving information.


FREE Practical Emergency Preparedness seminars

Practical Emergency Preparedness seminar

As part of our continuous mission to help as many people as possible prepare for uncertain times, emergencies, and disasters, Iron Survival proudly offers free "Practical Emergency Preparedness" seminars.

These entertaining and information-packed seminars cover a broad range of practical preparedness topics, providing a vast wealth of expert knowledge and tips to help you and your family prepare for whatever tomorrow might bring.

Free Practical Emergency Preparedness seminarWhether you are just getting started in emergency preparedness, have no idea where to start, or have been practicing emergency preparedness for years, you will greatly benefit from the information and insights provided in this seminar. You will hear from expert instructors with unique experience and insights that will help you look at issues and considerations in new light and ways you may not have thought about.

If you, your group, or your organization would like to sponsor and host one of our free seminars, contact Iron Survival today for more information.

Staff of Iron Survival conducting an emergency preparedness seminar

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