Preparedness & Survival Consulting

Confidential Emergency Preparedness, Survival & Security Consulting

Iron Survival offers confidential survival and security consulting.

Emergency planning checklist

Whether you already have an emergency plan and preparations in place, or you aren't even certain where to begin, Iron Survival can help.


Critical mistakes or omissions in your emergency plans may prove very costly, or even deadly, when disaster strikes.

Do you plan to shelter in place in a disaster?

Are you planning to bug out to a more secure or secluded location?

Do you travel frequently and need to plan how you will get home, or what your family will do while you are gone?

Have you even considered what you and your family will do in an emergency or disaster?

Regardless of where you may be in the planning process, extra sets of expert eyes can review and spot weaknesses and deficiencies in your plans that you may have overlooked or not taken into consideration, and provide additional valuable perspectives based on real world expertise and experience.


Iron Survival's staff can provide a wide arrange of confidential consulting and assessment services.

Some examples of available consulting and/or assessment services include, but are not limited to:

  •   Family or group emergency preparedness
  •   Emergency plan development or review
  •   Home or homestead security
  •   Forming a MAG (Mutual Assistance Group)
  •   Establishing caches
  •   Communications plans
  •   BOL (Bug out land or location) selection or assessment
  •   Bug out route planning & selection
  •   Bug out plan review
  • and much more...


Consulting rates are very affordable, but vary depending upon location, duration and deliverable(s) of the consultation.

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Iron Survival can help!

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The time to plan, prepare & train is before disaster strikes!

Emergency planning & preparedness are critical. So is training... Iron Survival offers training for individuals, families & groups of all skill levels.

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