Small Unit Tactics Fundamentals

Small Unit Tactics (SUT) Fundamentals Training


Training Overview

This training is a foundational building block course that will introduce trainees to the critical concepts and principles of small unit tactics and specialized unsupported small team operations.

This training prepares you to operate as a member of a small team, and begins the process of learning to effectively lead a small team or patrol.

Note: This training heavily emphasizes specialized (unconventional / clandestine) small team tactics and techniques best suited for responsible armed civilians, preppers & homesteaders, and MAG teams seeking training in how to operate as an unsupported team in a survival or SHTF environment.  This is LRRP/LRS/SF oriented small team training, not simply standard "Big Army" or "Big Corps" training. 


Some of the topics covered in this training include, but are not limited to:

  • Team gear & equipment

  • Camouflage, cover and concealment

  • Individual movement techniques (IMT)

  • Buddy team movements

  • Patrol formations and orders of movement (FOOM)

  • Patrolling

  • Unit / element control

  • Noise, light & litter discipline

  • Hand & arm signals and non-verbal communications

  • Security halts

  • Sectors of fire and movement within the team

  • Team roles & responsibilities

  • Danger areas

  • Special tactical considerations for the unsupported small team

  • and more 


This training is suitable for ALL skill levels.

All follow-on SUT (small unit tactics) training classes build on the foundation established in this class.

Class size is limited to 40. While it is not required, you are encouraged to attend as a team, if possible.



Recommended Gear & Equipment Packing List

Bring all or what you have of the following:

  •   Camouflage uniforms & suitable boots for dynamic training 
  •   Headgear (Patrol cap or boonie hat) 
  •   Line 1 Gear - (LBE, LBV, plate carrier, chest rig etc)
  •   Line 2 Gear - (Ruck)
  •   Comms
  •   Airsoft rifle / pistol and eye pro (BOTH will be provided for you as part of the training if you do not have)
  •   Tent / Sleeping equipment (Suitable for cooler weather)
  •   Camp chair
  •   Note taking materials (there will be a lot of information presented)
  •   Food & drinks
  •   Knee pads (optional but can be desirable at times)
  •   Your primary rifle and sidearm. (UNLOADED. There is NO live fire in this training.)
  •   Night vision
  •   Thermal imaging
  •   Drone
  •   Binoculars

Note: This training is available, and is scheduled by request.

Can't wait? You can always contact us to learn more or schedule a training class.





Small unit tactics fundamentals training



Small unit tactics fundamentals team movement



Small unit tactics training class



Small unit tactics fundamentals individual movement techniques