Tactical Rifle Fundamentals

Tactical Rifle Fundamentals Training

Learn to use your rifle like your life depends on it, because some day it might

Learn how to effectively use your standard AR-15 or AR carbine in tactical situations

Tactical rifle fundamentals training with basic AR15


Training Overview

An AR-15 rifle, like any rifle, is a tool. It is a tool that you must learn how to safely and effectively use. There is much more involved with shooting, particularly tactical shooting, than simply plinking at paper targets on a static range.

Tactical Rifle Fundamentals is an entry level training course taught by highly experienced military and law enforcement veterans. It is for the AR15 family of rifles, in standard mil-spec configuration, with emphasis on safety, mechanics, and fundamentals. See the training topics below.

This training course is suitable for all skill levels, and provides a solid foundation of knowledge from which to learn additional and advanced skills.



Training Topics:

Topics covered in this training include, but are not limited to:

  •   Safety & Muzzle Awareness
  •   Cycle of Operation
  •   Loading & Unloading
  •   Clearing & Safety Procedures
  •   Marksmanship Fundamentals
  •   Sight Adjustment & Battlefield Zero
  •   Standard Firing Positions
  •   Firing from Cover
  •   Weapon Manipulation
  •   Emergency & Tactical Reloads
  •   Malfunctions & Stoppages
  •   Shot Placement
  •   Disassembly & Maintenance
  •   Weapon Add-ons
  • and more...



Required & Recommended Equipment


Rifle: Students may bring their current legally owned primary weapon. ABSOLUTELY NO LIVE AMMO is allowed on your person or in your gear. NO EXCEPTIONS. Each student will be checked for safety.


Note Taking Materials: Students should bring appropriate materials for taking training notes.


Lunch: Students should bring a sack lunch and drinks.


Duration: 1 Day (8 hours)
Cost: $85 per person
(Group & family discounts available)