Warrior Fundamentals

Warrior Fundamentals Training

Shoot - Move - Communicate

Every warrior's journey begins somewhere.

Whether you are brand new to the concepts of infantry tactics and operations, inexperienced, or just a bit rusty, this training course is the place to begin.

This training, led by experienced military veterans, will introduce you to fundamentals of the warrior citizen.

Warrior fundamentals training course

Course Overview

This 8 hour course consists of short periods of classroom training coupled with a large amount hands-on outdoors training, and requires physical exertion including crawling, climbing, and running. See the training topics below.

This training is suitable for U.S. citizens of all skill levels. Families and groups are welcome. This training can be conducted in any suitable location. Group and family discounts are available.


Training Topics:

Topics covered in this training include, but are not limited to:

    •   The Warrior Mindset
    •   Training & Mastery of Fundamentals
    •   Principles of Camouflage
    •   Cover & Concealment
    •   Weapon Safety
    •   Basic Weapon Familiarization
    •   Gear Selection
    •   Individual Movement Techniques (IMT)
    •   Exterior Movement Techniques
    •   Negotiating Obstacles
    •   Buddy Team Movements
    •   Introduction to Team & Patrol
    •   Basic Hand & Arm Signals
    • and more...



Required & Recommended Equipment


Note: The following are recommended clothing and equipment for this training. If you do not have these items, it will not prevent you from attending and participating in the training.


Clothing: Students may wear military surplus uniforms, hunting camouflage, or civilian clothes suitable for outdoors and physical activity such as crawling and climbing. Good boots with ankle support are strongly recommended.


Gear: Students should bring whatever load bearing gear (LBE, LBV, plate carrier, etc.) they currently have, as well as their primary rucksack or backpack. Their gear should be fully loaded as they plan or intend to use it. Gear selection will be a topic of discussion during the training.


Rifle: Students may bring their current legally owned primary weapon. ABSOLUTELY NO LIVE AMMO is allowed on your person or in your gear. NO EXCEPTIONS. Each student will be checked for safety.


Lunch: Students should bring a sack lunch and drinks.


Duration: 1 Day (8 hours)
Cost: $85 per person
(Group & family discounts available)





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