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Small Unit Training Simulations

Iron Surivival LLC can create highly realistic and challenging training scenarios, mock scenes, and training simulations for your agency, department, unit or group, utilizing skilled actors with military and/or law enforcement tactical knowledge and experience.

The training utilizes safe, but very effective, "live fire" simulated weapons systems that are virtually identical to duty weapons in weight, form, and functionality, for the most realistic training experience, at a small fraction of the cost of other systems or options.

On-Site Training: Train How, Where and When You Want

In addition, we can travel to your location, and work with you, or your in-house trainers or supervisors, to provide exceptionally realistic training that is also extremely convenient and affordable.

If desired, your trainers or supervisors can provide all the training and instruction, and we can simply provide the training weapons, tools, actors and resources to conduct the training. This provides you with complete training control and unlimited flexibility not otherwise available.

Realistic training scenarios and simulations can be safely staged and conducted in virtually any location - home, office, school, church, parking lot, etc.

Contact Iron Survival, LLC today to learn more and discuss your training needs.


Laser Shooting Simulator & Scenario Training System

Portable indoor laser shooting simulatorWe also offer a portable indoor laser shooting simulator, which can be set up at your location and used to conduct an endless array of realistic pistol and rifle shooting drills, as well as tactical shooting drills and live action shoot / no-shoot scenarios and mock scenes - all without firing a single live round. Popular with law enforcement agencies across the nation, and ideal for novice shooters and pros alike.

The weapons utilized include realistic weight and function, including reloading, blowback and recoil, for a truly realistic training session.

In today's world of constant ammo shortages and price gouging, this is a very effective and affordable way to train and learn or master fundamentals, and keep your skills sharp.


Custom Scenario Training Development

indoor laser scenario training simulatorIn addition, Iron Survival can work with you to design and film custom scenario training, that can then be loaded into our indoor laser shooting simulator and training system.

If you want the ability to train on live action scenarios and simulations filmed in your specific location (home, school, church, office building, etc.), we can offer that option.

Contact Iron Survival, LLC today to learn more and discuss your training needs.