Military Map Reading and Land Navigation

Live Training Event:


Location:  West Plains, Missouri

Dates:  10 February, 2024  -  11 February, 2024

Class Size Limit:  40

Meal Service:  Yes

This training is suitable for ALL SKILL LEVELS.
Training fee includes both days and trainee packets & handouts.  Meals are not included in the course fee, but meal service (optional) is available throughout the training. Important details are below.

Note:  This training is based on MGRS (Military Grid Reference System), which is derived from the UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) system.



No electricity...  No GPS...   No clue?    Whether you need to safely navigate from Point A to Point B, determine where you or someone else is in the wilderness, or locate and recover a hidden supply cache, the knowledge, skills and techniques presented in this training can save your life.

This is far beyond a basic map reading class, and likely well beyond any map reading and land nav class you've ever taken.  Progress from basic point plotting and determining azimuths to expert land navigation techniques, tactical route selection and terrain exploitation, navigating at night, navigating without a map or compass and much more. This training will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to find your way in a dangerous world.

DAY 1:   (Conducted indoors in a comfortable, climate-controlled environment with full facilities).  The first day is an extremely intensive all day class, with approximately 8 hours of detailed instruction and testing, that will provide the knowledge to help take you from novice to expert, regardless of your current skill level and knowledge. 

You will "Crawl-Walk-Run" as you progress from basic introduction and concepts familiarization to the skills and expert techniques required to pass the toughest US military special operations land navigation courses and tactical route planning - all critical knowledge and skills that may save your life.

At the end of the classroom training, you will complete a written test that provides an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding and knowledge retention.


DAY 2:   (approximately 1/2 day)   is conducted outdoors at a separate training location, and is comprised of practical applications with pace count determination and confirmation, compass use, and a mini land navigation course to test your skills and proficiencies, and identify & address any weaknesses.  The purpose is to reinforce the fundamentals and mechanics of land navigation.  If you can't successfully complete a simple mini course, you won't be able to navigate in the wild when your life or mission is at stake.   (A far more advanced full land navigation practical course will be offered at a later date.)


This training is suitable for ALL skill levels.

Class size is limited to 40. Reserve your place today.  While it is certainly not required, if you have a team you are always encouraged to attend and train as a team, if possible.

The Recommended Gear & Equipment List, Accomodations and Meal Service information are below.

Note:  The practical application portion of this training can be strenuous at times, and requires walking over uneven terrain, navigating vegetation and other obstacles, and other physical movements.



WAITING LIST:  If the class is sold out, you can CONTACT US and request to be put on the WAITING LIST and contacted for availability.

REFUNDS: Due to class size limits and availability, there are NO REFUNDS for cancellations within 72 HOURS of the training date.

TRAINING LOCATION:  Training location address information will be forwarded in a separate email to registered attendees.


NOTE:  Training begins at 0900 Saturday.   You need to plan to arrive by 0800 to check in and get situated prior to the training start time.  Breakfast will be available starting at 0800.  You are welcome to arrive Friday afternoon or evening and camp on-site at the outdoor training location Friday/Saturday night.   


FREE dry camping is available onsite. Pitch a tent, sleep in your vehicle, camper or RV without noisy generator. No electricity hook ups are available. Fresh water for drinking, cooking and cleaning is available on site.

For those who prefer, local motel accommodations are also conveniently located just 15 minutes from the training site.


There will be optional MEAL SERVICE available for purchase at this training event.  There will also be plenty of fresh water available for drinking and washing at the outside training / camping location.   Meal costs are $10 / breakfast, $10 / Lunch and $15 / Supper. 

The following meals will be available:

  • Friday (02/09) Supper (served at camp/training site)
  • Saturday (02/10) Breakfast, Lunch & Supper (served at indoor training facility)
  • Sunday (02/11) Breakfast (served at camp/training site)



Recommended Gear & Equipment:

Bring all or what you have of the following:

  •   Comfortable clothes and good boots suitable for outside winter training 
  •   Compass
  •   Map Kit   (whatever you might currently have)
  •   Tent / Sleeping equipment (If camping - suitable for cold weather)
  •   Camp chair
  •   Note taking materials (there will be a LOT of information presented)
  •   Drinks & snacks

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: (If you want to experience trying to move tactically while navigating)

  •   Line 1 Gear - (LBE, LBV, plate carrier, chest rig etc)
  •   Line 2 Gear - (Ruck)
  •   OPTIONAL - Your primary rifle (UNLOADED - NO AMMO.  DAY 2 ONLY.  There is NO live fire in this training.)  

I have taught map reading, compass and orienteering in Boy Scouts for 8 years. I wish I would have taken this class first. Many boys would have greatly benefited from it. You don't even know what you don't know until you take a class from the instructors at Iron Survival.


W. Freeze,repeat student