Survival & tactical training for responsible civilians, law enforcement, & military

Training for all skill levels - from beginner to advanced

A small unit tactics training class


Training for Individuals, Families, Groups & Agencies

We offer training, simulations and custom scenarios for responsible U.S citizens and law enforcement of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced (see the partial course list below).

Please note that there is not a published training schedule, as most Iron Survival training courses are scheduled as-needed based on specific training client requests.

All training is provided by instructors who are special operations, military and / or law enforcement veterans, as well as other highly qualified subject matter experts. We provide meaningful instruction and practical knowledge based on years of real world experience.

Mobile training is available for some training courses, depending upon group size, at your suitable location.


Our Philosophy and Approach

As in the world of special operations, all Iron Survival training is based on building blocks. Our emphasis is on mastery of fundamentals, focusing on human-centric tactics and techniques, with a practical, no nonsense approach. It is often an eye opening experience and a game changing reality check for many.

Human-centric training.  It is critical to your survival, and your success and longevity in the battlespace, that you first learn and master the fundamentals of each tactic and technique, without reliance on technology. In doing so, you must train down to the lowest common denominator. Once you have fully mastered the fundamentals at the lowest common denominator, you are prepared to perform in any circumstance and in austere conditions. At that point, any available technology is more appropriately a force multiplier, rather than a required crutch without which you are unable to function.

Grit and mastery, not gear.  If you want training on all the latest and greatest gear and gadgets you saw on YouTube, you need to look elsewhere. That isn't training, it's sales. There are plenty of "gun nuts" and "gear mongers" ready to happily take your money while teaching you nothing.  If you do not master what you already have, simply buying something new that you also have not mastered is not going to improve your chances or save your life. At Iron Survival, you will train with what you have, and will likely end up re-thinking much of it. However, in that case, purchasing new equipment to replace or upgrade items is based on a more solid foundation of knowledge and experience, and the decision is driven by recognized utilitarian need, rather than mere un-informed want.

Likewise, if you have not learned and mastered the fundamentals of the most basic tactics and techniques, you simply have no business trying to learn or imitate the "high speed" tactics you see in movies or on YouTube. Trying to do so only makes you a danger to yourself and others. You see the cool high speed stuff, but you don't see the constant, repetitive training and dedication required to reach that level. You must learn to crawl before you can walk, and walk before you can run.

Frequent realistic and dynamic training is critical.  If you ever hope to learn, improve, and be effective, you must incorporate frequent realistic and dynamic training, under stress and pressure, into your training regimen. Static range training is excellent for learning, practicing, and mastering fundamentals; but, it does not simulate the altogether very different real world conditions in which you may find yourself, and under which you must function, in order to save your life or the life of another. Under stress and pressure, particularly in combat, your body undergoes numerous physiological responses, including, but not limited to, tunnel vision, a reduction or loss of fine motor skills, increased heart rate and respiration, a sense of time distortion, etc. Under these conditions, your ability to perform the same exact tasks you practice only on a static range is significantly diminished. Without sufficient realistic training, when it matters most, panic can set in and you may resort to a primal "fight, flight or freeze" response. However, the more you train under realistic and stressful conditions, the better you are able to control these responses and perform. You must train often, and train hard, so that "game day" is easier than your training day.


 Individual, Team & Group Classes  

Classes are open to U.S. citizens only, and are subject to date, time and space availability. Some courses have qualification requirements for attendance. We reserve the right to refuse training to anyone. Custom training and scenarios/simulations, as well as hybrid training, is also available. 

Available team and group classes include, but are not limited to:


NEW Training & Coaching Options

Iron Survival now offers online training, tactical training manuals, and 1 on 1 coaching with Tier 1 Special Mission Unit veterans and other top tier special operations veterans.

Learn from and train with the world's most elite warriors.


The instructor was fantastic. He opened my eyes to the very simple reality of learning to use what I have. Mastery is the key to success. You have to master a skill before you can move to the next skill. His real-world approach was a game-changer to me.


R. Williams,student


Easy to follow instruction, well laid out. Definitely a great instructor. Training is a "hurt so good" type of training. Great for sheepdog patriots.


M. Christ,repeat student


Great instructor!! Highly knowlegable and explained the material in a manner that was easily understood; and, in a way that it stuck with you. No matter what course you take, you will learn. Highly recommend.


D. Mount,repeat student


This is one of the best classes I've been to yet. The instructor is clear and precise on instruction. He and his team of instructors are willing to help one on one as needed. They're all a great bunch of guys. Well worth the trip. They'll work you until you drop, then keep working you until you're proficient at your task. Thank you and your team for the great training and I look forward to the next training.


J. Clinerepeat student